Harry Robinson, November 19, 1906 - January 12, 1991

I wore your cashmere sweater,
its soft olive kiss, for two months
after you died, a talisman
wrapped around me as I moved
out through doors again.

Each moment I stood up
and my hands stroked its comfort,
held it closer because you would
not, need lessened until by autumn
morning fog became
a comfort, November
a sort of kiss.

c2001 Linda J.Clifton

Linda J. Clifton
Linda J. Clifton, Seattle, Washington, directs the  Puget Sound Writing Project at the University of Washington where she earned her Ph.D in medieval literature in 1989.  She recently retired from her position as founding editor and publisher of Crab Creek Review, which continues publication under a new editorial board.  She has also retired, after 34 years in the classroom, from public school teaching, including the last 14 teaching literature and writing at Woodinville High School north of Seattle. Linda is currently a consultant, offering editorial services and workshops on writing and the new Washington State assessments.   Her work has appeared in various literary magazines, including Calyx, Hedgebrook News, and ShadowMarks, a broadside collection from Blue Begonia Press.