Aunt Lolly, 1918-1986

Tell me I'm crazy   Tell me I'm slow
Tell me I'm on fire that set fires with my fire
Tell me I can't live alone
Lock me up, Lock me up, take the key
and lock me up  I'm no fair lady  I'm crazy
the way they think I am;
They're the crazies    women cleaning
night and day  What the hell, it all gets
dirty again, filthy, putrid, shit.
They should be the ones locked up .
The men with their sneaky ways    Sneaks.
Oh, don't be afraid darlin' I won't touch.
Get it, get it, Ha ha.
They've locked me up in this awful place
Why did they put me here. I can't move,
Did they lock me with the key
in the window, the key in the sun
Light at the window---I don't have the key
No I don't
NO! These words aren't mine
I never said anything out there, only in here.
I'll sit here and punch holes in the paper
Punch holes in my hand   I'll shut you up
All of you on the outside who are crazy
Half a century past and I'll speak
To my little niece with the green eyes
I'll speak to her: 
Don't be afraid  sweet darlin'  don't be afraid
Just because my eyes are vacant
Just because I pee in my pants
Just because I wander in and out
of  the darkness of night
of my grave   my life

Libbi Miriam
Libbi Miriam writes about her inner life.

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